19th ESAFORM Conference



Formability of metallic materials

Coordinator: Prof. Kuwabara

Co-Organizer(s): Prof. Barlat, Dr. Ofenheimer, Dr. Aretz, Prof Banabic

Forging and rolling

Coordinator: Prof. Behrens

Composites forming processes

Coordinator: Prof. Boisse

Co-Organizer(s): Prof. Akkerman, Prof. Chinesta, Prof. Lomov, Prof. Sherwood, R. Schledjewski

Nano-structured materials and micro-forming

Coordinator: Prof. Engel

Co-Organizer(s): Dr. Rosochowski

Additive manufacturing

Coordinator: Prof. Hascoet

Non-conventional processes

Coordinator: Prof. Santo

Co-Organizer(s): Dr. Coteata, Dr. Schultze, Prof. Santos, Prof. Slatineanu, Prof. Racineux

Structures, properties and processing of polymers (and biomass based materials)

Coordinator: Prof. Schmidt

Co-Organizer(s): Dr. Silva, Prof. Menary, Prof. Regnier, Prof. Martin, Dr. De Aleida, Dr N. Boyard

Integrated design, modeling and reliability assessment in forming (I-DMR)

Coordinator: Prof. Valente

Co-Organizer(s): Dr. Carlone, Dr. Sousa, Prof. Thuillier

Incremental and sheet metal forming

Coordinator: Prof. Bambach

Co-Organizer(s): Prof. Duflou, Prof. Giardini, Prof. Ambrogio, Prof. Welo

Machining and cutting

Coordinator: Dr. Umbrello

Co-Organizer(s): Prof. Matsamura, Prof. Arrazola, Dr. Germain

Optimization and inverse analysis in forming

Coordinator: Prof. Strano

Co-Organizer(s): Prof. van den Boogaard, Andrade-Campos

Innovative joining by forming technologies

Coordinator: Prof. Fratini

Co-Organizer(s): Prof. Merklein, Prof. Micari, Prof. Sommitsch

Heat transfer modeling

Coordinator: Dr. Sobotka

Co-Organizer(s): Dr. Mocellin

Semi-solid processes

Coordinator: Prof. Brabazon

Extrusion and drawing

Coordinator: Prof. Valberg

Co-Organizer(s): Dr. Ben Khalifa, Prof. Liu, Prof. Donati

Energy efficient solutions in material forming

Coordinator: Dr. Chatti

Co-Organizer(s): Prof. Ceretti, Dr. Hagenah

Mathematical and computer science methods for biomass and food materials processing

Coordinator: Dr. Della Valle

Co-Organizer(s): M. Charalambides, P. Verboven

Constitutive modeling: from macroscopic beavior laws to small-scale plasticity approaches and damage prediction

Coordinator: Prof. Habraken

Co-Organizer(s): Prof. Tabourot, Prof. Yalcinkaya, Prof. Ayas, Prof. Perdahcioglu

Flatness, straightness, levelling, straightening: measurement, modeling and control

Coordinator: Prof. Dubois

Co-Organizer(s): Prof. Zahrouni, Prof. Montmitonnet, Prof. Ponthot

Minisymposium in honor of J.L. Chenot

Coordinator: Prof. Massoni

4 Technical sessions: Aerospace, car industry, marine & energy and factory of the future

Mini Symposia list

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